Saturday, May 29, 2010


Decided to chiong Orchard since GSS started yesterday. Had lunch at the revamped Singapore Power Building first for some energy booster. It had changed greatly with its new retail area and a new name, Tripleone Somerset. There was even a NTUC Finest at the ground floor. This place brought back fond memories as I worked in Singapore Powergrid for more tha 3 years back in 1999 - 2003. The restaurant is called sapporo ramen sanomaru. I think there is a ramen craze in Singapore now with more and more ramen restaurants springing out. So far I have tried Ippudo @ Mandarin Gallery, Santouka @ Central, Tampopo @ Liang Court and Marutama Ramen @ United Square. IMHO, I feel that sapporo sanomaru ramen is not as nice as the other 4 I had tried. I'm not sure is it because I was not very hungry as normally when you are hungry, anything will tase good...

After lunch, we went straight to 313 for some shopping. Did not manage to see anything I like. There happened to be a story telling session outside Harris. The kids happily sat down to listen and I was fortunate to grab a seat provided for the parents. I think the kids really enjoyed the session judging from their focused look. We also grabbed a pair of sports shoes for Xavier. His feet are growing fast, outgrew all of his shoes. When choosing the shoes, he even specify his preference and selected a pair of black nike shoes with neon green tick (nike logo) and sole, very striking. This boy is very vain!

Shopping is really addictive. We did not even realise that it was close to 3pm, time for En's golf lesson. Rushed to the golf range and was 10mins late. While En was having her lesson, I watched Xavier play. Surprisingly few of his balls managed to fly a distance. His pose was actually quite 'stylo milo' (espeacially with his new shoes) as if he really can play. Not bad if he grows up to be a pro golfer...dreaming in broad daylight...

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Anonymous said...

He looks like a Pro!! Even if the ball doesn't fly, his posture sure captures attention... haha

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