Sunday, November 25, 2007

Application of Yu Chen's Passport

another 3 weeks and off we go to genting. we are going in a big gang approximately 20 of us - my whole immediate family, auntie, 2 cousins and family. the no of people is just enough to 'bao' a whole luxury coach from 5stars. this time no more 'first world hotel' which really sucks, small and smelly. we'll be staying in genting hotel. i think the kids are going to have super duper fun time there. right now, gotta do the most important thing of all, else my family can forget about going for the trip - applying passport for yu chen!
really a difficult task to capture a good passport picture. i remember we had a hard time when doing the same thing for yu en. finally a 'can do' shot after 6 or 7 trials. hopefully ica won't reject the photo. guess what we use as the backdrop? hee hee my fridge.

Finally settle on this...

the most lucky thing is his rashes are gone...

Sunday, November 11, 2007


sigh, yu chen has rashes on his face and neck. the red spots look extra obvious as he is quite fair. the lucky thing is he has no fever and his apetite is not affected. i brought him to a GP on friday and he said that yu chen is having allergy. but i never introduce any new food to him these few days leh. could it be the cough mixture that KKH prescribed last week? the gp prescribed some cream for him to appy. i had appiled it on the affected areas religiously for the past 2 days but the rashes did not seem to improve. haiz, feel very heartache. when will the rashes go away? if the rashes does not subside by wednesday, going to bring him to see dr ong eng keow, the pd i trust most.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Trip to the Zoo

daddy managed to get the corporate passes and so off we go to the zoo today. the weather was cool and nice. it's yu chen 1st visit and yu en's nth visit to the zoo. yu chen was very excited when he saw the animals especially the hippo, monkies and kangeroos. it was pretty obvious that the elephants are not his favourite animals as he couldn't pay attention to the elephant show. he really wanted to play at the children's playground but we only let him play on the swing as we were afraid he would frighten all the kids with his rashes. everyone was tired out at the end of the day.

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