Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Terrorist

best time to disturb jie jie(while practising her keyboard)! here I come!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Shopping Day

today is really an eventful day for both kids. we were out shopping for the whole day. our first destination was vivo city. we had lunch at hogs breath where yu chen enjoyed the yummy whipped potato. then we proceeded to white cafe to have desert while witing for leng leng ah yee and ah ma. the shopping started at giant where auntie leng leng ah yee did her grocery shopping. after that we left for alexandra ikea to get a bed for yu en and yu chen. we managed to buy a pull out bed for them which cost around $200+. yp was very against the idea of a bunk bed cos he could predict that yu chen would get more and more 'giat' by the day and one of these days he would fall while climbing up the upper deck of the bunk bed. everybody got what they wanted and headed for a sumptous dinner. dinner was settled at nan hua chang fish head steamboat. when we got home, everyone was dead beat and slept straight away after washing up.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Play Yard

it has been 3 mths since i rented a toy for yu chen. yesterday, i managed to rent a play yard and a toy piano from for him and 2 computer games for yu en(in case she feels that i am unfair). yp kept saying that i am wasting money. but in fact i am trying to save money as kids will get tired of playing the same toy very easily and the rental fee for the play yard is only $20 per month. moreover, the play yard will come in handy as i do not have to look out for yu chen now that he is crawling everywhere. proved that i was right. this morning i finally had the chance to enjoy my breakfast and take my time in reading my newspaper as yu chen played with his jie jie in the yard. even yu en likes to play in it, she pretended that it is her mini garden. considering whether to get one for him. the only thing is it occupies lot of space, making the sitting room a bit cramp.

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