Saturday, May 29, 2010


Decided to chiong Orchard since GSS started yesterday. Had lunch at the revamped Singapore Power Building first for some energy booster. It had changed greatly with its new retail area and a new name, Tripleone Somerset. There was even a NTUC Finest at the ground floor. This place brought back fond memories as I worked in Singapore Powergrid for more tha 3 years back in 1999 - 2003. The restaurant is called sapporo ramen sanomaru. I think there is a ramen craze in Singapore now with more and more ramen restaurants springing out. So far I have tried Ippudo @ Mandarin Gallery, Santouka @ Central, Tampopo @ Liang Court and Marutama Ramen @ United Square. IMHO, I feel that sapporo sanomaru ramen is not as nice as the other 4 I had tried. I'm not sure is it because I was not very hungry as normally when you are hungry, anything will tase good...

After lunch, we went straight to 313 for some shopping. Did not manage to see anything I like. There happened to be a story telling session outside Harris. The kids happily sat down to listen and I was fortunate to grab a seat provided for the parents. I think the kids really enjoyed the session judging from their focused look. We also grabbed a pair of sports shoes for Xavier. His feet are growing fast, outgrew all of his shoes. When choosing the shoes, he even specify his preference and selected a pair of black nike shoes with neon green tick (nike logo) and sole, very striking. This boy is very vain!

Shopping is really addictive. We did not even realise that it was close to 3pm, time for En's golf lesson. Rushed to the golf range and was 10mins late. While En was having her lesson, I watched Xavier play. Surprisingly few of his balls managed to fly a distance. His pose was actually quite 'stylo milo' (espeacially with his new shoes) as if he really can play. Not bad if he grows up to be a pro golfer...dreaming in broad daylight...


It's Vesak Day today and also the beginning of the school break. Wanted to bring the kids out for some fun. Jioed Leng and found out from her that Francine is having stomach flu, vomitting since last night. Ke lian. As it's contagious, Melissa was being sent to Ah Ma's house. Since mum was alone at home, decided tobring her and Melissa along with us. We went to pick them out and then headed towards MBS for lunch and jalan jalan.

It was pretty crowded at MBS esp the casino. Lots of shops are still not opened for business yet, eating places are also very limited and renovations are still in progress. We had our lunch at RISE in the hotel. Was disappointed that there was no high tea buffet served. The dishes served were quite ordinary, nothing special but the price was very SPECIAL. I had cravings for some English high tea like scones, sandwiches, cakes but was shocked to see these items absent from the menu. In the end, we ordered nasi goreng, dim sum, fried rice and fish and chips.

After lunch, we walked around for a while. The only thing that was enjoyable was the view of the business district. We should have come after June when it is more ready but nevertheless it was an eye opener.

Melissa was very well-behaved without Leng around and it is also the only time that she is willing to be carried by yp and me with no whining :-P. Hope Francine has a speedy recovery and be able to have fun with her cousins.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Drop or not to drop...

En's mid year results were released today. Mum called me and spoke to me in a very solemn and serious tone. She told me en's grade had deteriorated and asked me to drop 2 of her activities so that she can concentrate more on her studies and not get tired out.

Is she really very stressed out with the activies? Let me see, she is taking ballet, badminton, golf and piano. Our weekends are spent ferrying her around for her lessons. That night, I had a chat with her to see if all these activities are really too much for her. It turned out she really wanted to drop piano. She enjoyed golf and she told ah ma that she wants to become a golf coach so that people will pay her a lot to learn golf fom her. She is taking part in competition for badminton next year so she does not want to stop it now. For ballet, she's quite neutral, doesn't hate it but also doesn't love it too. Surprisingly, she DISLIKES piano. Guess she is turned off by the daily practices. Unfortunately, that is the thing her dad will not allow her to discontinue. hope she will grow to love piano as she progresses in her piano grades. For me, I think she should stop ballet as En has difficulty doing a split. How can a ballerina fail to do a split? I don't think someone who cannot do a spilt can be a ballerina at all. My dear hubby disagreed, he feels that she is still young and with practice she should be able to do that soon. He decided to let her try for 1 more semester after her ballet exam.

YP is not gan jiong with en's grades at all. He thinks that it is pretty normal for her grades to fall as the syllabus is getting more difficult and she has an extra subject this year. We can't expect her to get all band 1s like when she is in p1 and p2.

I'm sandwiched between my hubby and my mum or rather I think both sides are right in their own way. Famous for his 'metal teeth', my mum can only say this to yp "She is your daughter. You have the final say..."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The kid's new bags

Ah ma and ah yees are complaining that En's bag is getting heavier and heavier which is very bad for her back. Since we were having breakfast at National Library HANS this morning, decided to drop by Bras Basah to get a new trolley bag for her. It's definitely a bag day as Leng is also getting one for Francine as she has just changed a childcare centre and needs to bring more things. Seeing francine and en getting new bags, don't think Xavier will miss the chance to ask for a new bag for himself too. Now that he needs to bring the mattress sheet everyday, his current small bag is quite squeezy so think it's justified to get a bigger one. They were so happy and satisfied with their new bags that the 2 of them have been dragging them the whole day at home.

I'm Back

Have been out of action for a very long time. Decided to resume where I took off as it's really a pity not to pen down the interesting happenings in my life with my two darlings. Especially when En has another 3 years to her teenagehood and by then she may not spend as much time with her mummy as with her friends. Time really flies. Many things happen in the past one year. Will see how much I can backdate.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life without maid

Took leave today to send the maid back to her hometown. It was not a pleasant sight this morning. The maid refused to go back and asked repeatedly for a transfer despite the fact that I had already cancelled her work permit and bought the air tickets. I had no choice but to confront her with her stealing and told her it's either she goes home or I report her to the police. She was shocked that we knew about it. Oh please, keeping quiet doesn't mean we don't know. When things start to disappear at home, who is the first person we will suspect? Given her so many chances and yet she continued to do it. I felt betrayed as I really treated her well - gave her off day when she was not entitled to, 17 days of home leave instead of the usual 14, had the same food when we go out for dinner...She knew she was wrong as she apologised and cried, agreeing to be sent back.

now that the maid had gone back. Mom had to do the household work herself. Fortunately, I just enrolled Xavier to full day childcare. Instead of alternate nights, I'll be bringing the kids back home every night. Yes, I have the luxury of my mom helping to look after my kid on sun, tue and thur nites. But I'm not complaining as it is my duty to do so. The worst nightmare is ironing. Usually I'll bring my clothes to mom's house for the maid to iron the clothes. Oh no! now i have to do it myself until the new maid comes. Also asked mom not to cook during this period as it is very tedious for her to cook and wash after that. Being the typical good wife and mom, she will still try to cook for the whole family whenever possible. I think I have better choose a maid and quickly get her to start work. Mom is getting old and with high blood pressure, better not load her with the housework.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Port Dickson

Yeah, we'll be taking another short trip this coming June holidays. This time it's gonna be a huge group. My own family (4), Dad and Mom (2), Leng's family (4), Brenda's family (3) and Father-in-law's family (3), total 16 of us. the destination is port dickson. Have very high expectation of the accomodation booked because it looked really nice on the website ( so it better be GOOD!

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