Sunday, May 16, 2010

The kid's new bags

Ah ma and ah yees are complaining that En's bag is getting heavier and heavier which is very bad for her back. Since we were having breakfast at National Library HANS this morning, decided to drop by Bras Basah to get a new trolley bag for her. It's definitely a bag day as Leng is also getting one for Francine as she has just changed a childcare centre and needs to bring more things. Seeing francine and en getting new bags, don't think Xavier will miss the chance to ask for a new bag for himself too. Now that he needs to bring the mattress sheet everyday, his current small bag is quite squeezy so think it's justified to get a bigger one. They were so happy and satisfied with their new bags that the 2 of them have been dragging them the whole day at home.

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