Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yu En's Birthday

the vips...

singing the birthday song

totally engrossed...

the lovely lamp

it's en's actual birthday today. we had a mini family celebration at the disney themed restaurant, 'disney naturally' at anchorpoint. this restaurant is really a place for the kids, colorful deco, big screen for screening cartoons, computer for playing online games (but very pathetic only 2) and not forgetting the disney merchandise. the food is so-so as it's catered for kids, blend and healthy, mainly pasta and pizza. the pizzas come in the shape of mickey's head, so cute that u can't bear to bite into it. the kids' eyes were glued to the big screen when eating their food. the staff were friendly, the whole crew even sang the birthday song with us for en en. the kids loved the place but i can't say much for the adults...

Yu En's Birthday Celebration at School

it's yu en's birthday tomorrow so i planned a mini celebration for her in her school today. i bought a 2.5kg cake to cater for all the kids. the kids were very excited to see the cake and all of them crowded up around the table, i was so afraid someone would accidentally 'damage' the cake. when singing the birthday song, all of them sang at their loudest and it was the loudest birthday song i had ever heard. can tell that yu en enjoyed the celebration.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yu En's Mini Concert

today is yu en's yamaha mini concert. each student had to play 2 solo pieces, sing 1 solo song and a group song. i specially brought yu chen to support his sister. this time quite a few family members of the other students turned up.
at the beginning of the concert, the music teacher, miss lee asked the students to volunteer to start the ball rolling. nobody raised their hand. miss lee had to ask the students one by one. all of them rejected except yu en. she simply nodded her head and headed for the piano (she was one of the two students who chose to play the piano instead of the electone). she played and sang her solo pieces very well except for a slight hiccup. she even did a unique bow when she finished her performance. I am really proud of her.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


the day to genting is finally here. we were going to take a morning coach and all of us had to assemble at 6.30am on sat morning at the golden mile bus terminal.

on the day itself, the kids were awake at 5.45am and we rushed our way through. but we were still the latest, so pai seh, our whole family clan waiting for us. the coach was a double deck one with a lounge at the lower deck. It was very comfortable with personal entertainment system, ample space and the 'shook shook' massage chair. the kids were enjoying themselves even on the coach itself. francine and yu chen were running up and down the stairs, climbing on and off the chairs, and along the passage way, we had a hard time looking after them even within such a limited space. yu en was emersing herself in the cartoons and nintendo games.

when we reached genting, we quickly checked in genting hotel and we were satisfied with the rooms cos they were clean and spacious. the weather up there was wet and foggy and cold. It was also very crowded due to the holiday season. just imagine, we queued about an hour plus for the monorail ride. one of the days we even booked transportation to go shopping at KL. The weather was so hot at KL and the malls were packed with people. the kids had such great fun for the 4 days there as we took them for rides everyday. as for the adults, it was a different story. firstly, i lost my wallet. fortunately i did not bring my ic so i only lost 2 credit cards and cash, abt S$150. i even kenah flu and fever from the 3rd day onwards as i couldn't tahan the coldness at night. next, cousin huan had a serious backache from the 2nd day onwards. we could see that she was trying her best to walk so as not to dampen our holiday spirits and worse, her hubby had gastric pain on the 2nd night and had to stay in bed. we accompanied him by watching a horror movie (30 days of night) in their room. lastly, my sis, leng was nearly robbed. it was dramatic and we realised that malaysia is really not a safe place, even genting. we were having our dinner at one of the food market in first world plaza and leng placed her longchamp bag on the floor next to her. i wanted to cut the meat for yu chen to eat so i borrowed the scissors from her. when she was about to get it from her bag, she actually saw a malay guy bending down besides her and taking off with her bag. she had a big shock and started chasing and shouting at the guy and then her hubby also gave chase. i think that robber was also shocked to be discovered and dropped her bag after a short distance. luckliy she managed to recover it. i even asked yp to go and help in chasing the robber. later, we found out that the robber's accomplice also stole a handbag from another table. but the bag owner was not as lucky, the robber fleed with the bag. a police report was made and we created quite a commotion in the eatery. my hands were shaking even after the whole ordeal.

overall, we enjoyed ourselves as we had good company and it was really rare for all of us to get together for this trip. will try to plan another trip next year at one of the beach resort.

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