Saturday, May 29, 2010


It's Vesak Day today and also the beginning of the school break. Wanted to bring the kids out for some fun. Jioed Leng and found out from her that Francine is having stomach flu, vomitting since last night. Ke lian. As it's contagious, Melissa was being sent to Ah Ma's house. Since mum was alone at home, decided tobring her and Melissa along with us. We went to pick them out and then headed towards MBS for lunch and jalan jalan.

It was pretty crowded at MBS esp the casino. Lots of shops are still not opened for business yet, eating places are also very limited and renovations are still in progress. We had our lunch at RISE in the hotel. Was disappointed that there was no high tea buffet served. The dishes served were quite ordinary, nothing special but the price was very SPECIAL. I had cravings for some English high tea like scones, sandwiches, cakes but was shocked to see these items absent from the menu. In the end, we ordered nasi goreng, dim sum, fried rice and fish and chips.

After lunch, we walked around for a while. The only thing that was enjoyable was the view of the business district. We should have come after June when it is more ready but nevertheless it was an eye opener.

Melissa was very well-behaved without Leng around and it is also the only time that she is willing to be carried by yp and me with no whining :-P. Hope Francine has a speedy recovery and be able to have fun with her cousins.

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