Saturday, September 29, 2007

An Afternoon at Sentosa

ah yi and yi zhang rented a room at rasa sentosa and so we made a trip down to make use of the pool and also the beach. the hotel room had a great view and the kids were very excited by it as they can see the sea and ships. initially we had no intention of swimming at the hotel pool, just going to let the kids play sand at the beach, whch is why we did not bring the kids' swimming costume. in order not let francine feel lonely at the pool, we decided to buy a swimming costume for en en at the hotel shop and yu chen can simply swim in his shorts. i had to trouble leng leng ah yi to take care of yu chen since i also did not bring my swimming costume. the kids had a super duper great time at the pool.

after the swim, we proceeded to the beach, situated next to the pool. since this is yu chen's 1st encounter with sand, i think he was not used to it. worse thing was he used his sandy hands to rub his eyes and caused him discomfort and irritation. guess he did not like the sand very much.

finally we called it a day and went back to the hotel to wash up. followed by dinner at the hotel cafe, silvershell cafe. ah ma asked me to let en en to stay over at the hotel with her. not wanting to disappoint en en, we agreed even though she is supposed to learn her spelling tomorrow morning. by the time we reached home, yu chen was sound asleep. hope he has a good night sleep as he only had a 20minutes nap in the afternoon and he woke up at 8o'clock this morning!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Time to Say GoodBye

sorry darlings, mummy borrow your blog for a while to bid farewell...

this coming friday will be my last day at nss as i will be returning to HQ. time really flies, i've been here for about 3 years plus. throughout this period i had made many good colleagues cum good friends here. this place has given me wonderful and unforgettable memories. especially this year when my project team slogged through few months of hard work, spending more than 12 hours everyday in office. not fogetting the late dinner and supper causing all of us to put on weight. the spirit and closeness we managed to establish during this period of time was tremendous. i would to take this chance to thank everyone in nss for your guidance, help, friendship...for everything.

supper kaki, don't forget our date at the last thur of every month! finally, thanks for the farewell dinner and let's keep in contact through food and msn :P

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lantern Festival

today is latern festival. my family decided to hold a dinner gathering by my house swimming poolside to 'shang yue'. initally, we thought of a barbecue dinner but last minute decided to go for pot luck since it's a weekday and everyone is in a lazy mode. i bought golden pillow chicken & mutton curry, bee hoon and drinks. leng bought sushi & sashimi. mum bought fried chicken, fruits and mooncakes. the kids enjoyed themselves by parading around with their lanterns. it really feels relaxing and good to be able to enjoy the food and also most importantly the company of your loved ones.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Loving Siblings

sometimes i feel really lucky to have this pair of loving siblings as my darlings. they had never fought before and are always huggng and kissing each other. i ever heard from my aunt that my cousin's children are always fighting and even biting each other, scary. en en likes playing with her brother, like blocks, hide and seek...entertaining him. as a result i can catch a breath and relax for a while.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Camera and Printer

been a long time since i last blogged, main reason being my digital camera went into 'rip' mode since i like photos to go with my blog. it's abt time, it has been wif us for 6yrs. so today we made a trip down to suntec harvey norman to source for a new one. wah, this trip was an expensive one, spent abt 600 bucks. told yp not to get an expensive model this time, a basic one will do. in the end, we bought 'fujifilm finepix z5' which cost us $399. it has the latest face detection feature and is abt 6.3 megapixel. on top of this, we also bought a digital photo printer at $199, Sony DPP-FP60 , as it's cheaper to print our own photos, with the convenience of printing them anytime and at home. we can even customise a calendar with our own photos using this printer. saw a big hole in our pockets...

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