Thursday, September 27, 2007

Time to Say GoodBye

sorry darlings, mummy borrow your blog for a while to bid farewell...

this coming friday will be my last day at nss as i will be returning to HQ. time really flies, i've been here for about 3 years plus. throughout this period i had made many good colleagues cum good friends here. this place has given me wonderful and unforgettable memories. especially this year when my project team slogged through few months of hard work, spending more than 12 hours everyday in office. not fogetting the late dinner and supper causing all of us to put on weight. the spirit and closeness we managed to establish during this period of time was tremendous. i would to take this chance to thank everyone in nss for your guidance, help, friendship...for everything.

supper kaki, don't forget our date at the last thur of every month! finally, thanks for the farewell dinner and let's keep in contact through food and msn :P

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