Saturday, September 29, 2007

An Afternoon at Sentosa

ah yi and yi zhang rented a room at rasa sentosa and so we made a trip down to make use of the pool and also the beach. the hotel room had a great view and the kids were very excited by it as they can see the sea and ships. initially we had no intention of swimming at the hotel pool, just going to let the kids play sand at the beach, whch is why we did not bring the kids' swimming costume. in order not let francine feel lonely at the pool, we decided to buy a swimming costume for en en at the hotel shop and yu chen can simply swim in his shorts. i had to trouble leng leng ah yi to take care of yu chen since i also did not bring my swimming costume. the kids had a super duper great time at the pool.

after the swim, we proceeded to the beach, situated next to the pool. since this is yu chen's 1st encounter with sand, i think he was not used to it. worse thing was he used his sandy hands to rub his eyes and caused him discomfort and irritation. guess he did not like the sand very much.

finally we called it a day and went back to the hotel to wash up. followed by dinner at the hotel cafe, silvershell cafe. ah ma asked me to let en en to stay over at the hotel with her. not wanting to disappoint en en, we agreed even though she is supposed to learn her spelling tomorrow morning. by the time we reached home, yu chen was sound asleep. hope he has a good night sleep as he only had a 20minutes nap in the afternoon and he woke up at 8o'clock this morning!

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