Thursday, March 26, 2009

Interesting Conversation With the Little Boy

Mummy: Daddy, pls come to the room now
Xavier : Mummy, not daddy, he's 'lao gong'


Mummy: (slams the door after taking something from the cupboard)
Xavier : mummy, so loud! Let me show you (gently closed the cupboard door).ok?


Jie Jie: (telling daddy how boys bully her at school) I hate boys!
Xavier: (overheard jie jie) I hate girls!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bull Frog Farm

It was the school term break. I took leave on Wednesday to bring the kids to the Jurong Frog Farm at Karnji Countryside. It was a long journey there. YP dropped us at Novena Square. We had some breakfast and bought some snacks before taking MRT to Kranji MRT station where there's a shuttle bus to the different farms at Kranji Countryside. We wanted to go Hay Dairies Goat Farm first but apparently there was a routine check by the AVA and the goats were quarantined so we went straight to the frog farm. We joined the tour conducted and cost $2.50 per person. It was pretty interested seeing the big frogs, tadpoles and frog eggs. The kids didn't dare to touch the frogs, hmmm...thought they were daring and adventurous enough to try. I wanted to bring them to the Hausmann aquarium but it was quite late and past lunch time. I decided to bring them to Northpoint and also meet 'gor gor' ah yee and the 2 gor gors for lunch. After lunch, we took a straight bus from yishun back to home. The bus was like a suana as the aircon broke down and it was a hot day. The kids were so tired that they fell asleep despite the high temperature. It was such a big relief when we alighted, it was so much cooler outside. It was a fun day and the kids really enjoy themselves. Hope to bring them there again, especially to visit the goat farm if the check is over.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pandan Chiffron Cake

Recently I had this craze for baking. So far I tried jelly hearts, moist steamed chocolate cake, chocolate macadamia cookies and pineapple tarts. Today, I had a go at baking pandan chiffron cake. I used the recipe from baking mum's website. It was a success except I was quite impatient when removing the cake from the tin and hence the 'ugly' cake. My hubby said it was nice but I didn't trust him as his answers are always 'politically correct' answers. Maybe I will let my family members or colleagues try it out. They always give me truthful feedback. The next dish I'm going to try is either mango swiss roll or luncheon meat puff (i happen to buy one from breadtalk and it was nice, so decided to bake it myself).

Saturday, February 14, 2009

CNY 2009

This year's CNY came and went fast and furious. Everyday (except working day) was fully packed with lunches, dinners and house visiting.

Chu Yi
We slept late on eve and woke up at 10am. The kids were very excited to wear their new clothes. Every year without fail we would visit mum first. The moment Xavier received his ang baos, he refused to part with it as I wanted to keep them for him. Then we had dim sum lunch at Ah Yat in Allson hotel with my in laws. Maybe due to the bad times, many restaurants were open on the first day of CNY as compared to last year. After lunch they came to mum house and start the black jack session and it lasted for 3 hours. Amazing! This year is really not a lucky year for me, lost everytime I gamble, even yp has better luck. Last stop for the day, dinner at godma's house. The kids were so happy to gather and have fun together with all the older gor gors and jie jies to entertain them. When we left at 11pm, we realised that the night was still young (only for CNY), we decided to have a mahjong session back at mum's place. Half way through the game, I was losing quite a bit and being 'kia su', I got YP to replace me. Luckily he managed to win a teeny bit at the end. My saviour!

Chu Er
Every year, mum would do the lunch on the 2nd day of CNY. Her house would be packed with goodies and people. This year I managed to order dim sum buffet for her. We had a great time chatting and eating. Next, we went to sis-in-law's house and they were entertaining my bro-in-law's colleagues. Did not spend much time there as we felt a bit out of place. We headed for cousin ah nee's house which is just nearby. Another gambling session after dinner. This time it is 'in-between' and all of 13 of us were so high during the game especially when the pool of money grew. Our voice were hoarse at the end of the game. Dad being a gambler only joined in when the pool of money grew beyond $50. Han Jie was considered the unluckiest when he had 'A's for all 3 cards. Ha ha what are the chances! Luckily the minimum bet was 50cents. It was a great game!

Chu San
My company shutted down on this day. With nothing to do, I invited my cousins over for lunch. After that, my sis and dad stayed behind for a mahjong session again. When YP came back from work, he couldn't resist and insisted I gave up the seat for him. I was winning lor!

CNY was always great fun even when I'm into the 36th year now! Really hope the year of Ox will be a good year and economy will improve!

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