Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bull Frog Farm

It was the school term break. I took leave on Wednesday to bring the kids to the Jurong Frog Farm at Karnji Countryside. It was a long journey there. YP dropped us at Novena Square. We had some breakfast and bought some snacks before taking MRT to Kranji MRT station where there's a shuttle bus to the different farms at Kranji Countryside. We wanted to go Hay Dairies Goat Farm first but apparently there was a routine check by the AVA and the goats were quarantined so we went straight to the frog farm. We joined the tour conducted and cost $2.50 per person. It was pretty interested seeing the big frogs, tadpoles and frog eggs. The kids didn't dare to touch the frogs, hmmm...thought they were daring and adventurous enough to try. I wanted to bring them to the Hausmann aquarium but it was quite late and past lunch time. I decided to bring them to Northpoint and also meet 'gor gor' ah yee and the 2 gor gors for lunch. After lunch, we took a straight bus from yishun back to home. The bus was like a suana as the aircon broke down and it was a hot day. The kids were so tired that they fell asleep despite the high temperature. It was such a big relief when we alighted, it was so much cooler outside. It was a fun day and the kids really enjoy themselves. Hope to bring them there again, especially to visit the goat farm if the check is over.

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