Monday, February 16, 2009

Pandan Chiffron Cake

Recently I had this craze for baking. So far I tried jelly hearts, moist steamed chocolate cake, chocolate macadamia cookies and pineapple tarts. Today, I had a go at baking pandan chiffron cake. I used the recipe from baking mum's website. It was a success except I was quite impatient when removing the cake from the tin and hence the 'ugly' cake. My hubby said it was nice but I didn't trust him as his answers are always 'politically correct' answers. Maybe I will let my family members or colleagues try it out. They always give me truthful feedback. The next dish I'm going to try is either mango swiss roll or luncheon meat puff (i happen to buy one from breadtalk and it was nice, so decided to bake it myself).

1 comment:

mamabliss said...

oooh your pandan chiffon cake makes me salivate... :)

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