Monday, April 26, 2010

Piano Grade One Exam Results

En took her grade one exams on 17th March. On the day after her exams, I asked her how did she fare, she answered me 'Ok'. Hmm...I always worry when she gives me this kind of answer. YP was very confident she will do well, judging from her daily practice of the pieces. She had to play 3 pieces for the exam - Gavot, Trudging & Never vex a T-Rex.

Few afternoons ago, her piano teacher, Teacher Stefan smsed yp to congratulate Yu En for passing with distinctions! She received her official results today and we are all happy that her hard work really paid off. She scored full marks for 2 items and near full marks for the other 3 items. But she did very badly her sight reading so she will need to brush up on that.

One thing I do regret is not starting her early on piano. Many kids are already at grade 2 or 3 at her age. Nevertheless, I am still proud of her and it's better late then never. Grade 2, here En comes...

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