Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life without maid

Took leave today to send the maid back to her hometown. It was not a pleasant sight this morning. The maid refused to go back and asked repeatedly for a transfer despite the fact that I had already cancelled her work permit and bought the air tickets. I had no choice but to confront her with her stealing and told her it's either she goes home or I report her to the police. She was shocked that we knew about it. Oh please, keeping quiet doesn't mean we don't know. When things start to disappear at home, who is the first person we will suspect? Given her so many chances and yet she continued to do it. I felt betrayed as I really treated her well - gave her off day when she was not entitled to, 17 days of home leave instead of the usual 14, had the same food when we go out for dinner...She knew she was wrong as she apologised and cried, agreeing to be sent back.

now that the maid had gone back. Mom had to do the household work herself. Fortunately, I just enrolled Xavier to full day childcare. Instead of alternate nights, I'll be bringing the kids back home every night. Yes, I have the luxury of my mom helping to look after my kid on sun, tue and thur nites. But I'm not complaining as it is my duty to do so. The worst nightmare is ironing. Usually I'll bring my clothes to mom's house for the maid to iron the clothes. Oh no! now i have to do it myself until the new maid comes. Also asked mom not to cook during this period as it is very tedious for her to cook and wash after that. Being the typical good wife and mom, she will still try to cook for the whole family whenever possible. I think I have better choose a maid and quickly get her to start work. Mom is getting old and with high blood pressure, better not load her with the housework.

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