Saturday, June 5, 2010


Xavier was very excited when he got back from school today. Apparently he was invited to his buddy classmate's birthday party and he was supposed to wear a superhero costume. His cheapskate daddy began to dig into their wardrope to see there is anything suitable. He managed to dig out en's old dancing costume and got him to try it out.

All of us had a good laugh when we saw him in the fish costume. He looked so comical. I told daddy that the theme is super hero and not Finding Nemo. I was hoping he was not serious in wanting him to wear that for the party and was planning to buy a superman cape instead. I don't want Xavier to become the laughing stock and be the centre of attraction for the wrong reasons. Checking the date, I realised the party was held on the day we will be in Port Dickson. I was very reluctant to let Xavier know that he is not able to go as he was so so looking forward to it. Just as I expect, he was so utterly disappointed and on the verge of crying when I told him. He did feel better when I told him the reason as he was even more looking forward to the trip. He still keeps the invitation card until now, not bearing to throw it away even though now it is a bit 'giam chye'. I think he wants to keep it as a momento.

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