Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

It's the time of the year to express love and honour fathers. I booked a table at Fremantle Seafood @ Clark Quay, which comes highly recommended by 8days, on behalf of the kids to celebrate this day. This fairly new restaurant specialises in seafood and has a fatastic view of Singapore River and Central.

We ordered oysters, kurobuta pork and Barramundi fish. Apologise for the photos of the half finished food, only remembered to take the pictures just before wiping everything off the dishes.

After dinner, it was still quite early so we went to Liang Court for some shopping. YP bought a Canon Legria HD video cam at audio house. Audio house was having some sort of World Cup promotion that is if the customer guess the champion correctly, they will refund half of the purchased item in the form of vouchers. YP made Spain his choice and I am keeping my fingers crossed. No prize for guessing which country I will be rooting for from now on.

There were some World Cup activities ongoing at the ground floor and we were entitled to 4 chances for the shootout. Sadly, en and YP did not manage to get a single goal but the prizes were not exactly fantastic lah.

Then we decided to head back to clark quay for some dessert and also catch the screening of the world cup match between japan & holland. We settled for hagen daaz much to the delight of the kids and thinking that we could catch the match on the tv at the opposite food kiosk. Guess what? We were blocked by the 'freeloaders' who actually stood throughout the 2hrs match! Solid right? I gave up watching the match as it gave me a headache trying to catch glimpses of the match. Instead, I watched the belly dancing at the neighbouring middle east restaurant.

Finally, we made our way home and it was indeed an enjoyable father's day celebration. DADDY, WE LOVE U!!!!!

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