Friday, July 9, 2010

Birthday Celebration @ School

Xavier's big day is here again. This year, I had decided to hold 2 celebrations for him, one at school and one for immediate family members.

I called his teacher 2 weeks before to check on the number of goodie bags to prepare and the size of cake to buy. She told me i can get ready about 14 packs of goodie bags and it would be good to get a bigger cake for the whole school to join in the celebration. I actually had to get a 3kg cake to cater for every students! It so happened that it was the world cup fever and Xavier decided on a soccer cake. I ordered one from prima deli online and arranged for delivery. I definitely cannot collect such a big cake and without a car or YP's help (he was busy at work and couldn't take leave).

Nearing the day, about a week before, Xavier was down with fever and severe abdominal pain. I prayed that he would quickly recover because he was so looking forward to this day and he was actually doing the countdown. I even brought him to KKH and he was diagnosed as having mild infection of the intestines. Thankfully, his condition improved and his fever subsided the day before but he was still having the pains. It was decided he should just go to school for the cake cutting and the distribution of the goodie bags and then we would head home after that.

On the day itself, I took half day off and picked him and En from mum's house. When we reached the school, the cake just arrived and we could hear the kids 'wooing and ahhing' over the soccer cake. The teachers began to gather all the kids in the hall and it was sure very noisy and lively with so many kids in one place and all talking at the same time. Xavier enjoyed being the center of attraction judging from his 'proud' look. We began with the photo session. First mommy and jie jie, then playgroup 1 & 2, nursery and finally kindergarten 1 & 2. We wanted to take a photo with the teachers but I think they are shy, simply refuse to oblige us.

Teacher Regina is a very experienced 'cake cutter'. The speed she takes to cut and distribute the cake was fast. Everyone enjoyed the cake and i saw some of the students asking for second servings. What was amusing is that some of the kids have green lips due to the green cream(grass part of the cake).

Soon after, we left for home. I wanted Xavier to get plenty of rest in preparation for the next celebration tomorrow.

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