Monday, March 28, 2016

I'm Back!

Wow, it's been 5 years since I blogged!  I wondered how many people actually still checked out this site.  Recently, I suddenly have the itch to start writing again.  So here I am.  A brand new look and here I go.

Much has happened over the 5 years.  In fact, it's like a new life and back to blogging will be my way of looking forward!

C is into her teenage phase and I can tell you it's a total different set of problems.  At this phase, I have to learn to be her friend rather than parent.  On the whole, she is still the obedient daughter and thoughtful at times.  Well, I have seen worse so I do feel blessed and fortunate.

X, on the other hand, is still the chatty and mischievous rascal.  At times, I really don't know to feel angry or to laugh at him.  With regards to him, the biggest challenge for me this year is to manage 1)his chattiness and 2) his progress in school work so that he can stay in the same class next year.

As for myself, the most urgent and important target to work on is to look for a better job.  I realized that at this phase of my life, my priorities had changed.  Nowadays, I am very domesticated and hope to spend more time with my family and at home.  I look forward to 6pm  and weekends everyday.   That's why I really hope to get a part time job or even a work-from-home kind of job.  This is really ironical.  Instead of staying at home when my children were young, I am thinking of this when my kids are already quite independent.  But having said that, I did mention that there is a different set of problems when children progress into their teenage years.  It will help if I can stay at home spending more time with them and supervising their studies.  This new job of mine is too stressful and demanding in terms of interpersonal relationships and office politics even though the work life balance is there.  Well , actually the so called work life balance is that I will just leave latest by 6.30pm everyday after work even though there is endless stuff to be done. Most importantly, I am not used to the culture and environment here. I need more warmth and less human traffic lol.  Working in CBD is really no joke.  Lunchtime is like a battle here.  I want a slower life.  Wah, all the signs are showing that my age is really catching up...I want everything to be slow and easy...

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