Thursday, March 31, 2016

BFF - Best Female Friend or Best Friend Forever

A whatsapp message tickled me today.

I received a message from the mother of X's female classmate, N before I went to bed.  N's mother told me N will bring a bottle of Lavender Oil for X the next day as she knew X had wounds from his fall at the school parade square few days ago.  How thoughtful of her!  She is really his best female friend being so concerned about him.  This also reminded me of the BFF note that she wrote him last year. 

I heard from my sister that X is very popular among girls and he will be eating lunch and chatting with them instead of the boys.  Hmmm, is that good or bad?  I don't want girls to be looking for him at our doorstep when he grows up.  Well, we'll have to wait and see.  But judging by what happened today, this is most likely to happen.  

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