Sunday, April 6, 2008

An Evening at Botanic Gardens

i was looking forward to attend april's july mummies gathering this afternoon as it's been a long while since i last seen all the mummies and their tots. however, yu chen was still having runny nose and a slight cough. afraid that he would pass the virus to his frens, i decided to give the gathering a miss, yet again.

leng called me up at around 3pm and asked me if i wan to bring my kids along to botanic gardens as there will be a performance by SSO in the evening. since i had nothing on after missing the gathering, i agreed. yp was too lazy to go and send us there, i asked leng to give me a lift since it's on the way, er....sort of lah. i managed to dig out all the snacks in my kitchen and leng oso got some snacks and drinks for a mini picnic.

we reached there at about 5pm and it was getting really crowded (as compared to normal weekend). we quickly settled down and started to enjoy the music. guess we were not quite the artistic bunch cos the kids went to play ball and bubbles, i was chatting wif mum, leng and marcus were walking around(dunno what they were looking for). it was so humid and warm that all of us were perspiring esp the kids. when the performance was over, it was time to make a move as the sky was oso getting dark.

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