Sunday, March 2, 2008

No More Pacifier!

Sometimes I do wonder how to wean Yu Chen off pacifier. He is quite dependent on his pacifier when sleeping, even crying for it when he is awake. Just imagine, he has 5 spare pacifiers at my house and ah ma's house. I remebered en en weaned off pacifer when she was 2+ without any fuss, it just happened.

One night, it just happened. I was about to put yu chen to sleep at home when I realised all the pacifiers were at ah ma's house. Daddy was simply too lazy to go buy one or go ah ma's house at get one. He asked me to try making him sleep without it and take this as an oppotunity to wean him. I was very hesitant as I was afraid yu chen would make a big fuss or even wake up a few times in the night without the comfort sucking. Daddy assured me that he will help in the later shift if that happens. Surprisingly, yu chen fell asleep quite fast and woke up only once to drink milk, no fuss at all.

The next day we were very proud of him and felt that it was a great achievement. He is a big boy now. Daddy quickly disposed all the pacifiers, afraid that yu chen will go back to his old ways when he sees one. Now, my next target is to toilet train him, hope it's just as fuss free and easy!

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