Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yu Chen's Birthday Party

today is yu chen's one year old birthday party. it's a lunch so we started preparing early. ah gong, ah ma and ah yees came as early as 10am. after a quick breakfast, all of us started on our respective assigned task. ah yees were responsible for decorating the function room(who had a hard time blowing the balloons), ah gong to chauffer me to get the cake from bugis junction, daddy to receive the toys and buffet, ah ma and auntie anna to doll up the kids, and yee zhang to get the balloons.

the party was a success! the money was really well spent on the buffet and the toys. the kids enjoyed themselves tremendously, the toys and the goody pack. they couldn't bear to leave at the end. the food cost abt $15 per head and the guests seemed to like the food as the butter rice was wiped out half way through(yp got to go to the nearby coffeeshop to buy chicken rice) and cousin huan even commented the food looked very appetizing.

when it was time to cut the cake, yu chen just woke up from his nap and was feeling blurry and grouchy. he practically fell asleep in the midst of the toys. but the moment everyone started to sing the birthday song, he brokes into smiles and was dancing to the song. the cake which i bought from four leaves was so so. aiya, cannot hiam cos it cost only$70. I didn't want to spend too much on the cake cos usually everone will be too full to appreciate the cake. ah gong, gu zhang and jiu jiu even had a majong game.

Thanks to those who made this party a success and to everyone who turned up for the party and all the ang paos and gifts! Yu Chen had an unforgettable birthday party!

Cake - Four Leaves
Toys -
Food - Eatz Catering
Ballons and Deco - Concourse

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