Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tai Tai for a day

had been slogging for my project for the past 3 months. finally the darkest hours are over(i hope so). took leave today to spend some time with my kids and to give myself a break. planned to bring my kids and oso francine to gogobambini. called the school during noon time to check if en had extra curriculum class later in the day and found out she had speech and drama class. thus, could not bring her along.

we tried to book a maxi cab(7 seater) as there were 5 adults and 2 kids but to no avail. no one wants to accept our booking. in the end, we took 2 normal cabs. gogobambini is situated at dempsey rd which is quite ulu. it was leng's 1st visit to dempsey and she loved the place, proclaiming to go there for dinner next time. the place was crowded and very popular among the expats tai tais as i think we were the only locals there. the kids couldn't wait to get to the play area but we made them eat lunch 1st. food there was not bad and price was reasonable. while the kids have fun, leng, ah ma and I browsed magazines and sip coffee. life is good(for today only lah)! the kids palyed so hard that they fell asleep around the same time. we left around 4 hrs later and the bill came out to about 120 bucks. the next time i must bring en along(maybe around national day) as i know she will enjoy herself here with the big playground. I made all the adults promise that they won't utter a word about this trip to en cos i know she will surely feel disappointed if she knew she was being left out of this trip.

p.s. unfortunately, we had some minor injuries, not the kids but the adults. Leng and Anna suffered some abrasives on their arms when they try to slow down on the spiral slide by rubbing their arms against the walls of the slides. Alamak! Leng even sprained her fourth toe, amazing...

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