Friday, June 15, 2007


it's been a long time since i last blogged. I was really tied down with my project. Only recently did i manage to catch the sun when i return home from office. For the past 3 months my project team had dinner at around 8/9pm and going home around 9/10pm during most of the weeknites. Now that my project is nearing end, I finally had the time to plan for a short Taiwan trip and also yu chen's birthday party.

Yu Chen will be 1 year old next month. So far, he had been able to achieve the following all thanks to ah ma's coaching...
1. Wave bye bye
2. Blow kisses
3. Plant kisses on faces
4. Comb his hair
5. Pretend to talk into the phone
6. Do the 'no more' action
7. Do the 'twinkle twinkle little stars' action
8. Stand steadily
9. Stand from a squatting position
10.Walk steadily with support.
11.Walk 2/3 steps without support.
12. Feed himself with hands.
13.Hold and drink from milk bottle himself.
14. Point at things and people.

As for yu chen's birthday party, so far only managed to book the function room. Still haven booked buffet, cake, toys, buy his present, get decorations, send invites, create his 1st year CD...Oh no, better get all these done before I leave for Taiwan.

Recently Yu En has been biting her finger nails. Her daddy had tried all ways to make her stop this bad habbit including barred her from going swimming, beat her hand, show her his angriest face but to no avail. I even told her the story of how the worms will get into her stomach to grow there and then will come out from her mouth and ears but also no use. Everyweek, she will run away once her daddy ask to check and cut her nails. Do we have to resort to put axe oil/chilli on her fingernails just like what our elders did last time?

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MomiJJ said...

Janelle has the habits to put her fingers into her mouth too. We have being telling her the bad things on doing that but she just cant seem to get rid of the bad habits. I have to show angry faces, bite her hands but she will forgot the next time.

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