Sunday, June 10, 2007

En En's New Piano

En's new piano arrived today. It's high time we get her a piano in order to train her fingers which is not possible with keyboard. We had a hard time deciding which model and brand to buy for her as PIANOS ARE EXPENSIVE! We are actually not sure how serious or interested is en into playing piano. Everytime we asked her if she likes playing piano, she would just answered 'yes' but without the enthusiasm in her tone. But she is quite hardworking in her practice. Since it's still early to guage her interest, we decided on a cheap model, WEBER, an American brand manufactured in China from Cristofori. Even a cheap model easily costs us $3K+ We'll switch to a better model once she is into the higher grades. The other models which we had considered are Kawai and Yamaha. A second hand model of Kawai or Yamaha can easily hit $4k+. Expensive right? Now one of my enjoyable moments is to listen to my dear daughter playing a tune on the piano.

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MomiJJ said...

How i wish my kids will be interested in piano. I always dream that one of them will like to take up piano and i can sit there and listen to the music. Well, i guess i cant force my kids to learn something i like.

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