Tuesday, March 20, 2007

His First Word

yu chen had been blabbering his first word for the past few days. despite me being his favourite person, his first word is 'pa pa'. sigh! yp was so proud. after hearing yu chen call 'pa pa', ah gong decided to be ambitious and teach him to call 'ah gong'. of course, he failed. by level of difficulty, the next word should be 'ma ma' mah. as for 'ah gong', guess he will learn to say that around 1 yr old.

en en's spelling results was released yesterday. my goodness, 1 out 5 correct despite revising with her for so many times. i asked her why her results was so bad and guess wat was her answer-'But mummy, daddy was wrong'. it seems that yp had taught her to write 2 words wrongly. give up! moreover, her chinese teacher who is a chinese national proved to be very strict with her writing. ai ai ah yee commented that there were 2 words which looked correct but the teacher marked them wrong as the strokes were a bit out. i guess it's time to send her to chinese lessons.

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