Sunday, November 25, 2007

Application of Yu Chen's Passport

another 3 weeks and off we go to genting. we are going in a big gang approximately 20 of us - my whole immediate family, auntie, 2 cousins and family. the no of people is just enough to 'bao' a whole luxury coach from 5stars. this time no more 'first world hotel' which really sucks, small and smelly. we'll be staying in genting hotel. i think the kids are going to have super duper fun time there. right now, gotta do the most important thing of all, else my family can forget about going for the trip - applying passport for yu chen!
really a difficult task to capture a good passport picture. i remember we had a hard time when doing the same thing for yu en. finally a 'can do' shot after 6 or 7 trials. hopefully ica won't reject the photo. guess what we use as the backdrop? hee hee my fridge.

Finally settle on this...

the most lucky thing is his rashes are gone...

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