Friday, August 17, 2007

What a Horrible National Day!

this national day is indeed an 'unforgettable' day! what are the chances of 3 family members admitted to the hospital at the same week. poor yu chen was the first victim. after 6 days of continuous fever and 3 visits to general practictioner, we finally brought him to KKH and the diagnosis was unexpected, we didn't know his condition was so serious. the doctor wanted to admit him into the hospital as yu chen was suffering from
bronchiolitis and the oxygen level in his body was lower than normal. after numerous feeding of paracetemal, cough mixture and neuberlizer treatments, his fever subsided and he was allowed to go home after 2 nights. then it was my turn, continuous fever for 6 days and also coughing. i was admitted to SGH 1 week later and was diagnosed of pneumonia. during my 1st night stay in the hospital, leng leng ah yi fell and her tail bone suffered a crack and she was admitted to Gleneagles Hospital. Aiyo, really suay leh... luckily, during this period while i was recuperating(on 1 week mc), ah ma helped me take care of my 2 kids. a big thank you to ah ma!

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Prince Emerson... said...

Oh no, sorry to hear that. Rest well and take care.. :)

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