Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chinese New Year

today is yu chen's 1st chinese new year. Both of my kids wore the traditional chinese costumes to go house visiting. Our first stop was ah ma's house. ah ma, ah gong and ah yees commented that yu chen looked cute and yu en looked pretty. All wanting to take photos with them. After having lunch there(as usual, leftovers from prev nite's steamboat reunion dinner), we headed to nai nai's house. Gu gu, gu zhang and cousin thania were already there. I bought the same dress for thania as for Yu En, cos they were 'twins', born on the same day, same month, same year and they like to wear the same style of clothes. After yet another round of lunch, our next stop is lao ma's house. all the uncles and aunties there want to carry yu chen but yu chen is having stranger anxiety. the moment he leaves my arms, he will burst into tears. final stop, yee po's house. the place where i can finally have some rest cos ah ma and anna are there to help yu chen. my bones are like shattering. when we reach home, we immediately went to bed after all the cleaning and changing. Another long day awaits us tomorrow.

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